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September 22, 2017 Fireplace Door

Ideas Painting Fireplace Doors

Painting fireplace doors – Remove the doors fireplace. Remove any decorations that will not be painted on the door. Prepare and paint the outside fireplace or in a workshop area doors. Clean fireplace doors with a dry brush, hard to remove any soft soot or ash. Follow with hot water and a cloth to remove any remaining dirt. Let dry completely.

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Painting fireplace doors, arena doors with sandpaper 120 grit to remove rust, burrs and uneven areas where the paint has come off the doors. Then use 220 grit sandpaper until the entire surface is very smooth. Wear rubber gloves to prevent skin oils transfer to the doors. Skin oils can reduce paint adhesion, resulting in bubbles and unpainted areas. Clean the inside and outside of the chimney door with a cloth to remove sanding dust.

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Cover glass, the board of the fireplace door, seat and decoration inside and outside of the chimney door with newspaper and masking tape. If more than one sheet of paper is used to cover the glass, tape the edges with masking tape to prevent splashing of getting between the layers. Spray paint inside the fireplace door first if both parties they are being painted. Painting fireplace doors in smooth even to prevent and falls in painting movements. Allow the inside to dry completely before painting the outside of the door of the fireplace.

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